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Drugzone - I Hate Humans dalszöveg

You got a world to use

You got a world that gives

But all you do is hate

Kill everything that lives

Waters cry out loud

Our air is hard to breathe

You know, we’ve had our stay

It’s time for us to leave


Chorus:      I hate humans

                 I hate humans

                 And I hate humans

                 Well I hate humans


Our populace just grows

We spread like a disease

We are the death of the earth

We do just what we please

Babies killed at birth

Our children raped and pilled

We are the ones that dream

And we’re the ones that steal




We burn our plants and trees

Our creatures run and hide

But nature will live on

When all the humans die

We find time to fight wars

Have time to make money

Why don’t we save the earth

With our technology?


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