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Drugzone - Make Me Kill dalszöveg

He was forgotten by a world where he never fit in

They were blind to his feelings, he was dying within

Infected by a virus we call lonliness

He’ll be dead to the world and he’ll never be missed


Chorus:      You make me wanna kill

                   You make me wanna kill

                   You make me wanna      

                   You make me wanna kill




Looking for some friends, he just wanted to play

He felt quite invited… Do you want him to stay?

He opened up the window and he climbed right inside

He stole all the children and he told them to hide






2 more hours and I’m coming to seek

Don’t be so frightened, please just give me a peek

He’s not a patient, he’s just sick in the head

He killed all the children, then he put them to bed


He was arrested, but he pleaded that they had committed suicide

And in the end was one last thing that he had marked the jury by:




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