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Drugzone - Somebody Watching dalszöveg

Chorus: When you hear sounds within the night
  Watch the darkness, he's sleeping soundly
  It is him, and he's waiting just for you
  Sleeping soundly

When everything's over
And the candles have all burned down to the ground
The body's forgotten
The soul remains but still stays without
Covered by shadows
Blinded by light
The soul remains without


Look in the mirror
There's a slight trick
Something can be seen
Behind a broken piece
Look into it closely
Inside he waits
For you again, for you again

When everything's over
Nothing really seems to disappear
Somebody's watching you
Will see to your every single need
When night takes over
There's still someone there
Sleep while you can


When all is gone
Nothing will be left
But something's still there
That will always be felt
Shadows still moving
Someone can be seen
It's not a dream, not a dream


On a dead-end road
In an empty room
Feel it watching
Touch as cold as a tomb
Caressing you,
Rest easy
It is him, it is him
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