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Dying fetus - Procreate The Malformed dalszöveg

one more time, just one too many times,
is all it had to take, now they can't resist the world's too full,
its time to bring it back, and turn this shit around,
the last rebellion, we're gonna take, the rich and hang em up,
so fucking high, justified genocide, raised in green,
they swallow up our lives, a carnivore feast hard-core traumatized,
they promise but they never fucking give,
this world, tied down, gang raped, disgraced,
corporation nations start the game,
persist, exploit, rip-off, defame,
put one against the other till their dead, beat them,
face down, make them, eat shit,
burn the fucking global village down,
riot, the government's in flames, the corpses pile high,
on the white house lawn, dead, another million dead,
lets execute and kill, justified with force-fed freedom
walls of propaganda, a system built on lies,
crushing insurrection, the masses will uprise,
we procreate... our over-dominating force
is crushing all within its way, watch the world,
it burns, class war, now its our turn,
I just let their fucking shit it burns so high it wastes away,
now we have, the means, total war, we are redeemed,
armageddon calling, its time to fucking kill,
destroy the false world order, and crush the status quo,
the pressure, its leaving, I'm wasting their fucking lives
lawyers, and preachers, they're the first sacrificed,
pawns of, the system, perpetuate misery,
corrupted, they're creating a fucking de-mockery,
masses of the world all bow it, blind and full of shit,
UN, IMF, they're all the same, nations are enslaved,
if they just let it suffer, we got to turn them over,
this is the precendent for killing the nation-state,
a lack of total vision, its social amputation,
they're locked inside a world apart from reality.
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