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Falkenbach - ...When Gjallarhorn Will Sound dalszöveg

...Morning arose that day long time gone,
Two ravens above him him showed the way.
He was guided by Odhinn, led by the one
Who shelters the fallen every day by day...

...Once blood was shed of countless of men,
In the name of the cross and christian pray...
For hundret of years his heart laid in chains
But hate was growing stronger every day by day...

"Ruler of Asgaard, father of Thorr,
Send me your powers devine...
Grant me your wisdom, strengthen my soul,
So revenge of our blood shall be mine...

Allfather Odhinn, I entreat you with awe,
To ride with me side by side,
So avenged shall all be, who had died in the past,
By the power of heathenish pride...

Master of thunder, lightning and rain,
Soon your hammer and cross shall collide...
Protector of Midgaard's daughters and sons,
In your name christian reign I will fight...

When the hammer will crush, and oppressors will fall,
My sword will be raised to thy hail !
Then the fires shall burn in the name of the Gods
As the sign of the heathen prevail !"

Far in the past he saw what has been
His fathers traditions handed down,
But he still kept in the heart the will to prevail
As his hate was growing stronger every day by day.

Deep in his heart a shadow had grown
Which covered his mind with shades so grey,
But still every morning encouraged his hope
When he sat by the old oak every day by day...

"Strong is my heart, and strong is my will,
Soon I will break our chain...
Then the swords shall be raised
And our flag held up high,
The banner of the heathen domain...

Long I’ve awaited the day of revenge,
The heathenish reign to return...
Now my swordblade is forged,
And my soul will prepared,
By my hands christian crosses shall burn..."

...Evening fell that day long time gone,
The ravens above still showed the way,
They were guided by Odhinn, led by the one,
Who shelters the fallen every day by day...

...Blood to be shed of countless of men,
In the name of revenge and heathenpride...
No more withdraw will be on heathenish ground,
No more mercy will be when Gjallarhorn will sound...
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