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Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 - We Have to Kill You Now dalszöveg

I was talking to my self last night,
And we decided that it's best,
That we disconnect your life,
It's nothing personal,
But then again, I guess it is

Your screaming, begging, pleading asking
We have decided you must die,
And we'll execute you,
With lost of class and style,
And that's enough to make us smile

Yes we have to kill you now,
Yes we have to kill you now

Ennie, meenie, miny moe
Catch my bitch by her toe and,
If she hollers,
I've got to show your life the door

Take my hand darling,
Don's be afraid,
I just wanna decorate the walls with
Your brains,
I get such a pleasure,
Out of such a pain,
Just drink a beer and watch you drain
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