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God Module - Telekinetic dalszöveg

strange days a transtional place
t think it's time that you remember
cut off your ears tear out your eyes
some things are gone forever

Let's start by destroying the world you know
take away all the things that you control
all the words that you can't understand
they"ve made me what you think i am

trying to move things with our minds
in an attempt to travel back in time
to take away all the pain we've seen
to strip our minds and destroy our dreams

life medicates the tears we cry
made of materials that blind our eyes
fall unconcious in an altered state
focus hard before its to late

lunatic craze the end of our days
some things are better left unsaid
delete the truth and what it means to you
create your own inside your head

let's end by ignoring the world we know
embrace all the things we cant control
all the lies that i'll never understand
make me hate what you think i am
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