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Gorod - Here Die Your Gods dalszöveg

Spread your soul into futile religions
Folklore of your existence
Your customs dash
Your perception of reality

Rejoin mathematics cult of science...
Your knowledge of the universe
Has sealed men's destiny
Their need to be awake

Drench your thirst with ancestral beliefs
Masquerade which dupes you
Your reality's only a distorted view
Confront the truth of research...

Disavow, give up, escape, shun
Your pledges full of lies

Extol, hallow your prophet's views
Endure in your flesh
Don't you realize youir God is lying?
Fill your spirit with statement of your priests
Flog your mind
Don't you feel, you too, the need to create?

Learn, decipher, look for, solve
The riddles of your life

Stifle your mind with the weight of rules
Ceremonies of your days
Your rites castrate
Your ability to create
Take part in progess's conquest...
The technology which is yours,
Would you know, how could you
Manage without it today

Disavow, give up, escape, shun
Your pledges full of lies

Disavow, give up, escape,
Shun your pledges full of lies

Learn, decipher, look for,
Solve the riddles of your life

Feed your spirit with ludicrous curses...
Gruesome dance that tricks you,
Your heart is beating on a rhythm
That is not yours
Become the prodigy of your time
The genius of some has sealed
The destiny of all
To understand

Disavow, give up, escape, shun
Your pledges full of lies
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