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Kalmah - Defeat dalszöveg

Wasting feeling breeding inside me
A shadow of something crawling behind me
And I´m pretending there´s nothing in there
But hearing those whispers makes me to believe
Here -I lay in my bed tasting bitter sweet
Smell -In my breathe reminding smell of death 
Dreams -In my head slowly fade away
The end -Is nearby me and I want it to be
The king - Inside my head seducing me to betray
You -The only one making myself me
The loss -In my life great it will be
The game -Is taking me and the prize is defeat
Inevitable, my destiny
Best friend I´ve ever met
Hands stretching up to reach the sky
Grobing for a lifehold a place to stay
Fingers are slipping and I´m falling down
Into the world I know the world of sadness
Room -In my heart empty as a well
Still -Waiting for the victory to take
In vain -I´ve lost this game before I´ve even born
Defeat -My destiny all I ever get
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