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Leander - ReBorn dalszöveg

In the middle of nowhere
There is my hole
In the middle of nowhere
You will find me at home
Sunshine has never been mine
Left me alone, I'm so alone

I wrote my departure plan
Prepared to get born again
Can I start again?

Throw me up
Tear me down
Assemble me now
I'm here without you
The memories have died in my arms, in my eyes

Pain coursing through my veins
Your screams circle around me
I just want to fly away

Never-ending space and time
You don't have the right
To deny your god, to judge your god
We're all made of miraculous light
Let it out from yourself, right now

Will you ever come to me?
Or am I left to wonder here?
Will you ever set me free
From the me that is underneath

I left my past behind me
I had enough of promises
I sacrifice myself for you again

See you then on the otherside
When you finally realize
That you don't need this desperate life

The time has come to say goodbye

Chemical process
Physical necessities
Biological effects
This would be us?
From where do the emotions come?
What is the blood made of?
From where does the love come?
Are these only materials?
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