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Legion of the Damned - Ten Horns Arise dalszöveg

Birth of the Antichrist
Eternal opposer in the flesh
Threescore six (burned) in my chest,
Pour the whine of thy limbs
O Scarlet concubine
The final victory will be thine

A god of war and revenge
Comes to settle the scores
Shores will be washed in blood,
The blood of the saints to be spilled
Their pious heads cut off
In defiance to be thrown away

The horns rising

Ten horned beast arise,
Volcanic eruption of all sin
Seven heads they scream out hell
In eternal lust
Morbid abomination once bred in
The waste of Sodom
Now finally unleashed
From the shackles of the dog
Bow (your head) to the seven crowns
In awe of its magnificence
Revering the majestic splendour
Of indulgent revelry
All foulness cast into the desert
Is bound to return
The apocalypse has begun
And the demiurg will succumb

Ten horns rising!

Black chaos spewing forth
The second coming is now
The heavens coming down
Lycanthropic Antichrist
Infernal destroyer of gods
Consumes the lysergic bride
Black bitch of darkness
Furious riding whore
Mounts the beast with horns

Lycanthropic Antichrist
Baptism in lunar blood,
The god of eternal war

I tear out the eyes of Jesus
As he hangs upon the cross
I blind the face of Mohammed
And throw his body to the boards,
My claws rip to shreds
The believers of all feeble creeds
I spit on your holy books
And your priest hangs from the trees
This is the twilight of your idols,
Spiritual genocide
In crowleyite excess I consume
Strange drugs and wine
The awakening of the anarch,
Expression in terror and steel
I rush with surging strength
Into the torrent of wills

Lycanthropic Antichrist
Baptism in lunar blood
The god of eternal war

Ten horns rising!
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