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Megazetor - To Live is to Forget dalszöveg

To Live Is To Forget

Memories are all just fake
Ghosts that are haunting
Memories are all the same
Don't say anything

I can live without them
I can break the circle that
Brings me to despair now
To live is to forget

Take them away
I want to be free from the past!
Take them away
I want to know how to forget

Empty my mind
Kill the woe
Before it kills me
Empty my soul
Spit out the pain
Before I drown

Can you remain the same when your world crumbles down
When all that was important suddenly begins to fade
And you cannot reach it again
And no matter what you do
You will feel lonely and betrayed,
And so you find yourself
standing alone in the world

I want to change
Don't want to stay!
I want to change
Don't want to feel!

Don't want to feel!
Don't want to stay!

Take them away...

Empty my mind...

Can you remain...

Take them all away now
I don't want to suffer any more
Escaping to a place now
Where they can't hurt me any more

Can you remain...
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