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Mourning Beloveth - The Burning Man dalszöveg

There is something grey before the dawn something burning 
Bodies in their black bags consigned to the flame 
Bathing in the flame of a burning ache through my core 

As creatures we are trying to crawl back through the creation to the worm 
A holocaust the feral gene 
Deadly strychnine taking hold wrapping itself round every sinew 

What is left a burning seething mass 
The air dank with the heady odour of decadence 
Choking out the decadence leaves emptiness 

Scared with scars carspaces over the body 
Monuments to our destruction 
A mixture both terrible and beautiful 

The flames rise the pulse of primal existence 
The grinding repitition such dullness the edges seem to fade 
It burns away the black day gone
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