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Naglfar - Invoc(H)ate dalszöveg

Come forth currents so negative.
Surge through my parched Veins.
Set my Blood ablaze in boiling fury.
Make me one with Hate.
Drain me of Compassion.
Make my heart cold as the Grave.
Bestow me with the Strength I need.
To fulfill the Deeds I crave.

This is my Knife.
Razorsharp and so sublime.
It's A useless Fact for you, I know.
Since the Time has come for you to die.

In A World of Screams and Anguish.
Upon A Throne of Bones I'll reign.
I invoke the glorious Force of Hate.
Forevermore I'll revel in your Pain.
So forge my worthless being.
Into an Instrument of Death.
I shall honor it and use it well.
Until the Day I draw my final breath.

Invoke Hate - Invocate.
Invoke Hate - The Ruin of Man I celebrate.

Fuck off to Life.
Your futile Presence has been denied.
Your broken Body now shivering.
To the deadly crooning of my Knife.

In A World of burning Glory.
Wherein Murder is my King.
Where all the Whores shall get what they deserve.
Yes, in Choirs of Pain they all shall sing.
So come forth great Storm of Hatred.
Permeate me evil Wind.
For the Time has come for me to purge.
Let the Cleansing now begin.

Invoke Hate - Invocate.
Invoke Hate - The Ruin of Man I celebrate.
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