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Neochrome - Across Hidden Levels dalszöveg

Traveling with obscuring eyes through time
As the blind witnesses of centuries
Trying to restrain the altering world
Disturbing the circulation of the elements

Another being opens wide
Secret dimensions come to light
And we aren't afraid, but it's the process
Of our transubstantiation!

The memories of some deranged minds 
Are lost in the whirls of time
But the conscious act of the people beyond control
Seems to be away
Seems to be away

Enter the boundless state
Of mankind's darkest night
Just be a part 
Of this endless mental waste!
Of this endless waste

Don't you feel the gripping embrace
Around your heart?
Don't you feel the guilty conscience
Within your soul?
It hurts!
It hurts!

Your life will be slowly insensitive
But you're calm, 'cause you think
That you have left no stone unturned to escape
You'll fall victim to your self-made circumstances
Since you've crossed the path of higher senses

Open your eyes and your mind to another world
Open your soul to Her
Let its temper fuse your essence
And meanwhile face a new Universe!

Across hidden levels
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