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Neochrome - Downfall (of our Almightiness) dalszöveg

I've lost my past and my dreams have gone with it
I can't take a look into the future, and I resist
My present that surrounds me
With the walls of defencelessness 

Downfall is coming
Outside and inside our being
Can't stop it's flowing
The means of madness are still spreading!

Nothing is real
Just our pain and fear
Time doesn't heal
And the last act is too near...

I'm just waiting for the minute when people realize
The aimlessness of their lives, the justice behind their lies
I don't care about your stillborn apologies
Salvation can't be yours, you are guilty and forever will be!

Downfall is coming
Outside and inside our being
No excuse for wasting
And the means of madness are still spreading!

'Cause the means of madness are still spreading!

Just like a hermit in his cave
We're so alone in the same way
With some wrong ideas 
Inside the confused heads
Concerning our 
Mistaken almightiness

But our banishment is not voluntary
We're all responsible for all that have changed

Does every cloud have a silver lining?
No, I don't think so...
Will mankind reach a higher form of being?
No, I don't think so!
Did everyone deserve a life free from cares?
No, I don't think so!!
Does everything happen by any chance?
No, I don't think so!!!
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