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Neochrome - Enslaving Emptiness dalszöveg

Here I am the banished one
Alone again
And trying to make pictures
From the million
Pieces of my memories
I remember
I was looking for the meaning
In the coldest places

Why do I have to live in the brave new world?
In a world, where the things work inversely
Would you really like to know
More about the land of confusion?

Where did the values disappear?
When did the morals degrade?
Can anybody still distinguish
Between right and wrong at all?

We're possible preys
Of the vast brainwashing
But there must be a way
Across the dark
Who's going to pray
For our souls?

Here I stand the banished one
Alone again
And trying to understand
Where the roots
Of the heavy prblems are
I don't have more time
I would need clear answers
For the burning questions!

Enslaving emptiness

Nobody finds a secure place
Everybody is afraid of future
The great freedom has produced
The new generation of slaves and masters

Mass oppression - not a vision
This is the legacy of centuries
A process, that always reurns to itself
Keeps the souls and bodies under siege

We're possible preys...

It's not too easy for me
To live in an age without justice
Quality - it sounds great
Anyone can be equal just pay the price
...or not?

Emptiness dominates
Mankind in a thousand forms
Don't expect an infected
Consciousness to be clarified!  

We will win!
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