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Neochrome - General Regression dalszöveg

General regression
Absolute power - be mine!
Otherwise I can't stop madness
And can't reverse the time!

This is the end of the way
We must turn back
The following step leads us
Into a blinding depth

Twenty-first century will be a turning point
Mankind's to decide: does it want a fatal war?
Negative tendencies are showing to this course
Mental and moral regression rule the parts of life

There are no answers for those questions
Where are we from? Where are we going?
But if you want to, you can see it:
We were born against ourselves!

Distress / Fear / Violence
Made by society
Disasters / Starvation /Diseases
Have we got place on earth?

You're just living your only life
But don't care what's happening in the world
You should awake and look around
Instead of standing and staring at the ground

Who is the chosen one?
Who can stop the avalanche?
Before it's too late...

General regression means pain
For a vanishing type called "thinking man"
Don't leave your path, don't swim with the tide
Dawn always comes after coldest, longest night!
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