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Neochrome - Impression Of A New Chapter\'s Begining dalszöveg

This period of my life is nothing but
The consuming desire for innocence of the long past
The ending is the same as the beginning for me:
Before the destination I have to return to my starting point
I don't know why!

I haven't known in advance, what's waiting for me
When I chose this path, I just wanted to be
A man who lives always free, whose life is full of freedom
A simple man who refuses all kinds of restriction

Strength of will / trust / 
sincerity / persistence / belief / uprightness
I believe in the meaning of these words
I did everything for my dreams
Without invention of giving up!

I'm over many heavy years
A lot of possibilities were mine
But I had to lose everything
To realize the most important thing
In my life

I see compassion in your eyes, I know you well
You don't need understand me:
It's  impossible to explain because
I still feel pity for that people
Who didn't learn to live their lives
How many new dimensions could they explore
When they were open
To the world around them!

I'm before many heavy years
A lot of possibilities will be mine
But I will lose everything
If it's needed to realize the most important thing
In my life

I've seen such wonderful things
And met so many kind of people
I've been such magical places
That you could not imagine
'Cause you can't feel what I feel
I can never stop, let me go on
Now I begin a new chapter without you
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