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Neochrome - Inhumankind dalszöveg

Let me invite you
To the darkest place what you've ever seen
Let me show you
A low form of existence
I think it is against, against the sense

The screams of a dying world
Like a million thorns under my skin
I can't suffer the weight of
The mountains of the barriers
We have created them and they will bury our lives

There is no more shine
In the empty eyes
There are no more words
From the silent mouths

The ignorance
And the impatience of the crowds
Are the keys in the hands
Of the highest oppressing forces
That define specifically the concept of free will

I have to live in this hopeless present
In the prison of our physical presence

Where is no more shine in the empty eyes
Where are no more words from the silent mouths
Nobody cares about the state of affairs
And nobody wants to change nothing!

In human kind
Inhuman mankind 
In human kind

Who has the right to direct and judge
Who has the power to try to enslave us
Against our wishes?

This time will be the one
When we'll enforce our inalienable rights
And cut the heads that are deeply,
Deeply in the sand!

Who has the right to direct and judge
Who has the power to try to enslave us?

Listen! We've to make a new order 
Instead of laws
Listen! We've to arise from the depth 
Of the controlled mass

Sometimes I imagine my life
In a world that I've often dreamed about
Is it a real world, does it exist?
Or is it just a dream reading my mind?

There is no more shine in the empty eyes...
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