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Neochrome - Out Of This Cage dalszöveg

"In the depth of my dreams..."

Through the ageless time
A place behind
My soul's floating
Close to nothingness
It's gloving, burning in the dark
Like a shining blaze

Never dies
Moving like a magic sphere
Outside of my life

It breaks out of this cage

Just my body binds me
To this real world
It pulls me down
Down to Earth

Chain-reaction between
The parts of the whole
I Want to separate
From my former self

Now I leave my dust here
It's needless for me
By another side
I will rise
In a higher form
Of life
Unknown lights are coming
From behind

Where can I find the limits
How could I fly so high
As the thoughts of an opened mind

Over the sky
Into the perfect silence
I send a sign
Towards the non-existence

Let me be the flame
That leads to your heart
And to your mind...
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