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Neochrome - Permanent War - Interim Pleasure dalszöveg

...And what you dreamed about
Is broken
Haven't known this real-life
You must open
Your eyes and your mind too
'cause you'll be pushed to the floor

The war is permanent
And you...don't know what to do
Livin' in a self created world
Where everything has its place

This life is strange for you
You feel like a stranger from the past

How much pain and death
Gasping for a little breath
You need fresh air
Silence and tranquillity
You've enough of the needless fight

In your worst nightmares you often hear cries
Desperate screams from the ocean of time

No, you're not free
You are a slave
Of a higher power
And some autocracies

Where is pleasure
In the darkest times?
What kind of voices
Do you hear at night?

There is one chance to comprehend the substance
There's a line that's very straight 
and leads from light to darkness

Obscurity / Certainty
It's time to choose between them
Mortality / Eternity
You've to decide where you want to belong!

...And what you dreamed about...

No, you're not free...

Where is pleasure...

Permanent war...Interim pleasure
Permanent war...Interim pleasure
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