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Neochrome - View From Above dalszöveg

When did you try to contemplate
Your own world
From another, different standpoint?
From another standpoint

Why do you think: you're right
And that's the only way
What you create in your mind?

There was a moment
At the pain of your birth
The wisdom was yours
The  keys were in your hands
You can't see the light
Just the darkest side of life!

Walls - that you built around yourself
In defence of your weakness
But I know: you are sensitive
You must understand: not emotions make you weak

Laws - which have reason for the existence
Only in your head
Self-respect - it will be your grave
I mean you're truly deplorable

Behind the rejection
I would find your repressed fear
Of your mistaken life

Another point of view
I want to reach on your behalf nothing else
I just want to show you
The clear side of being

Forget your pride
Forget your grieves
Don't see always
Everything in black!

View from above...

Maybe you came too late...
Your destiny's written...

Forget your pride
Forget your grieves
View from above
Don't see always
Everything in black!

View from above...
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