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New Dead Project - The Obvious Differences Between Death and Dying dalszöveg

who said you cannot be dead 
with a beating heart trapped in your chest? 
and who said you cannot be blind 
with eyes wide open and starring out? 
just write it down if you don't dare to say 
but you knew it all along the way 
that your belifes are not more than lies: 
dead meet on your plate and dead look in your eyes.  
and I might not be so much different.
 oh, I know I'm dying but  at least I'm not dead. 
we've broke our bodies and we've wounded our minds 
placed the blame on each other and we keep falling down. 

every day finds me further from home 
as time grinds the flesh off from my bones, 
I'm heading out straight to nowhere,  
please someone break my legs before I get there.
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