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Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines Part III: Destruction of the Temple of the Enemies of Ra dalszöveg

Foul Enemies of Ra who have Rebelled
Malicious Fiends
Spawn of Inertness Impotent Rebels
Nameless Filth
For whom Blazing Pits of Fire have been prepared
By the Command of Ra
Down Upon your Faces
You are overthrown
Your Skulls are Crushed in
You are Destroyed Annihilated
Gashed with Flints Your Windpipes Cut
The Joints of your Backs are Rent Apart

The Fire of the Eye of Horus is Upon You
Searching You Consuming You
Setting you on Fire Burning you To Ashes

Unemi The Devouring Flame Consumes You
Sekhmet The Blasting Immolation of the Desert
Maketh an End of You
Xul ur
Adjugeth you to Destruction
Flame Fire Conflagration Pulverize You

Your Souls Shades Bodies and Lives
Shall Never Rise Up Again
Your Heads Shall Never Rejoin your Bodies
Even The Words of Power
Of The God Thoth
The Lord of Spells
Shall Never Enable you to Rise Again
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