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Nile - The Burning Pits of the Duat dalszöveg

I Hath Been Immersed Head Down
In that, Which Floweth In Abundance from the Slaughtered Ones
I Hath Been Made to Eat Feces and Drink Urine
I Lay in Chains before the Undying Flames
I am Helpless in the Presence of He Who is Master of the Pits of Fire
I am Humbled and Broken in the Presence of Those Who Shall Consume My Shade in the PIts of Burning
I Didst Bow in Homage to the Spawn of Set
I Hath Kneeled in Homage to the Servants of Shesshes
In Rebellion, I Did Recite the Formulae of RItes in Glorification of the Lords of Flith
I Hath Recited the Formulae of Rites in Glorification of the Lords of Wickedness
He Who Hath Dominion of Khenti-AMenti Hath Uttered, "Hack in Pieces and Cut Asunder the Bodies of Mine Enemies and the Members of the Dead Who Hath been Turned Upside Down
Scatter in Pieces Their Shades
They Shall be Cast Down Headlong into the Pits of Fire
They Shall not Escape nor be able to Flee From the Flames Which Art in the Serpent Set-Heh"
My Heart Desires to Burn in the Pits of Fire
Allow my Ka to Blaze in Flames and be Utterly Consumed
I Stand in Submission Before the Living Ureai of Flame Who Hurls Forth Burning Heat Against The Tongue of Those Who Hath Spoken Evil
Incinerate Me in the Pits of Burning
Sear Me in the Pits of the Damned
Immoalate Me in the Pits of Torment
I Seek only the Charnel Bliss and the Blackened Caress of the Burning PIts of the Duat
I Burn, I Burn
I Burn in this Tomb of Fire
I Burn,I Burn,I Burn
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