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Nile - User-Maat-Re dalszöveg

O Seti, Great One, My Father
I Hath Finished for Thee Thy Temple at Abydos
And Made Known the Lineage of the Blessed
Those Who Came Before
I Hath Exalted Mine Ancestors
I Hath Honoured with the Blood and Sweat of Many
The Legacy of Thy Conquestys I Hath Glorified
Thy Temple of Set in Avaris
In Karnak, Hath I Raised the Great Hall
In Thebes, Sublime Monuments, Grand Pylons, Obelisks and Colossal Statues
Are Inscribed With My Name
By Divine Right I Hath Usurped the Monuments of My Predecessors
I Hath Created Imposing Rock Hewn Temples
Monumental Colossi in Mine Own Image
Like as unto the Images of Amun, Re, Ptah
I Hath Caused to Rise a Formidable Legacy Carved in Stone
In the Mountains of Meha
Intended to Endure a Million Years
In the Violence of Sekhem
I am Become Montu
God of War in the Two Lands
I Hath Suppressed the Rebellious
I Hath Driven Back Chaos and Disorder
The Conquered Chiefs of All Foreign Lands are Beneath My Sandals
I Hath Emblazoned My Countless Voictories In Immortality
Carved in Rock as Living Images of the Ritual Massacre of Mine Enemies
I am User-Maat-Re Setepene-re
Sovereign of Sovereigns
Beloved of Amun
Chosen of Re
I Hath Made Manifest the Grandeur of My Empire
To be Worthy of Thy Legacy
O Seti, Great One
Thou Hast Done Nothing
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