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Paddy and the rats - Celebrate dalszöveg

In 1909 on a vernal day
A child was born near Dingle Bay
In the thick of smashing disarray
His life start was hard as we say
But that's why he does't know a stay
Try to beat him but it doesn't pay
No dismay against ending, nay
He's eager for the fray

We gonna sing out,
Gonna sing this song
We gonna sing it ’til the break of dawn
We gonna sing out,
Gonna sing this song
’Til the break of dawn

It’s gaffer Smurf’s Doc's birthday, we celebrate
A hundred years old man, mate
Hard to believe!
He should have died a gob times in many ways,
But he is dancing just through the night

He was attacked by a real big game
he was a comdemned but he overcame
And once his hoar house was aflame
His old flame caused an ugly lame
Was screwing his friend's fancy dame
Was shut down but he wasn't shame
Was almost nearly passed away
Undying netty clay
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