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Paddy and the rats - Droppings Down The Floor dalszöveg

Back again to this old, damned city
But everything has changed
Dave’s on rehab, Mike’s in detox,
And Jimmy’s in the jail
Screwed up lifes and fucked up friends
With no future at all
But I am only one of them
A scumbag, lier, whore
Down the floor
We’re droppings down the floor
We’re all lost hounds
Have know no bounds
Before we’ve found a
Way deep down below
Can’t live our life within the law
We’re droppings down the floor
We’re all just singing broken hymns
Before got killed but maybe after all
We’ll never loose our frazzled soul
We’re droppings down the floor
Sitting desperate down the floor
In the corner of my mind
Waiting for the sacrifice
As memories bringing me down
Try to talk to the child in me
He’s staring at the sun
Keep me away from pulling the trigger
As I face the gun down the floor
We’re droppings down the floor
Got no pride and got no glory to show
We’re a generation in the raw
Our spirit’s flyin’ but it’s drawn
Ain’t got nothing but won’t even come back for more
Out of culture, out of society’s wall
No revolution, got no war
Hear the bells out to call
One by one we’re weak like a broken bone
As one we’re stronger than alone
Need a common idea to fighting for
We’re droppings down the floor
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