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Paddy and the rats - Pub` n Roll dalszöveg

When you’ll place a real love
Spit into the wishing well
Never mind the heaven and
Do not bother the hell
Before you ask a stupid thing
Let's get the story straight
’Cause when I was a cracker cub
I had no time to waste
Puked a lot of Rosie Lee
At my grenma’s kitchen door
Sent me away to the next pub
Ol’ stone called whore
It drived me nuts at first sight
What a skinny cutie glass
And felt in love at very first taste
It makes me fuckin’ blessed
Coz we all love our Guinness
It’s like black womans smile
Murphy’s always looks at me
With red demons eyes
Miss Jameson the blond one
Can heal my broken heart
So let me hear some Pub’n’roll
It makes my world go round
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