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Paddy and the rats - The Edge Of Life dalszöveg


Sometimes I’m in the rough
But I’m on my way
This city makes me pissed off
Take me away
Fake tales of a nightmare
Walking insane down the hall of fame

Got a lotta shit in the mind
I need a blackout
Just wanna feel the sunshine
Without the crowd
Lying down the moonlight
With a bottle of wine
Just have a good time

We’re all just runnin’ in circles
I’m in the blues
All the time diggin’ a hole
For the soul that we’ve used
It’s nothing worth
On the edge of life
So do you feel your alive?

You can’t get up so early
To win this race
So why are you on the hurry?
You won’t get your place
No guts no glory
You got lost in the sheen
Of the money machine

You try to find my worn-out,
Pretty face
You saw it melt in the spotlight
Chaos is my haze
But there’s something in your eyes
I just wanna wake the things
That sleep inside

Don’t take the blame
And never feel ashamed
Of the things you fight
You know you make it right
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