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Paddy and the rats - Ugly Drunken Woman dalszöveg

One Friday night I was strolling out
To get me outta here
Go to the pub just for a black stuff
But it ended up with ten beers
Coz a lady came and she start to complain
And bluster to me all night
She paid me the drinks with a pander blink
Kissed me with her stinking mouth

Coz this ugly drunken woman
Drinks like a man
But she’s pride like a dame
It’s like the age of romance
We like to dance
In our elegant way
She paid me drinks for fuck her
And I’m just a bugger
I come ’round the game
The prey can be another me to fall
She doesn’t care at all

Full of lust we were driving fast
In my car to a cheap motel
She’s turned her brain
Coz the last champaigne
Knocked her out so well
She was out of pride, dressed like a bride
There’s a monkey on my back
Wanted to be wife,
Get a perfect life,
But all I left’s the jack
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