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Pokolgép - Ancient fever dalszöveg

Somebody show me who I am
Telling me all there is for a man
I am also one of you out there
For me it's all that is left.

I am looking for the real eye
In which I can always look inside
For me and you and higher up
Evil will come and turn up.

Standing in a circle
Came on the earth here
Sunshine can not easily reach.

Refr.: Walked on fire, bloody red desire.
       Reached up higher, now my wing is whiter.
       Ancient fever, waiting for the green turn.
       Dawn ain't clear to me no more!
       Be brave, come home, I've been here too long.
       Help my anthem is missing all!

Give me to eat or I'll go away
Leave me to live or I'll die again
Give me to drink or I'll dry away
Don't want to go for it all.

Clean was the river in which you swim
Clean was the sky from which you dream
Green was the grass under me
What the hell is going on here.

Standing in a circle
Soaked and roughly cheated
Sunshine not really reaching you.
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