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Pokolgép - Once again dalszöveg

Come back if you think so
I'll be waiting for you.
I'm here for you to listen
Hear the words for you.

Let's fly over the whiter clouds
Leave all your sadness down
Your poor life not seen from high up here
What ever happened don't you think of it now.

Be with us if you think so
We'll be waiting for you.
Sing the words we wrote together
Be the one in the song.

Be with us no more complains
All is in one big place
We've been at the end of world you know it all
Be with me I'll miss you so.

Refr.: Hold out reach me with your hands
       Let me feel that I belong somewhere
       Don't need to be like others
       Once again wake again.

Come back once again 
Need a song, need a word.
From our life all has been done
Good and bad things are gone.

Fly up to the skies with me
It's waiting for you and me
So throw away sad days from over the top
We'll live together you know it all.
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