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Quimby - Crazy Train dalszöveg

Welcome aboard the crazy train
Welcome aboard the crazy train
You'd better wake up, before you end up
Somewhere on insanity lane
So welcome aboard the crazy train

The earth and the arms growing rustic tracks
Where the jungle freak show, it never rests
Hey buddy what's up, you'd better shake up
Your brain in that sparklin' drain
So how do you feel on the crazy train?

So plunge under the surface
Meet the mystical
Strange creatures in luminary moods
Take part in the circus
Catch what's magical
And it's all ruled by the moon

So, ladies and gents please let the passengers out first
And enter the world's greatest silver capsule
We're gonna pass Columbus' dreams
The John Doe thing, and Robinson Coast
We're gonna stop for a shot at Times Spare
Continuing on to Lexington brand new
The 42nd Scream
And the Brooklyn Bitch
We'll take a look at the Vampire Waste Building
And of course at Jerry's boat
To finally reach the World Break Center
While listening to Washington Swear
Step all the way in, stay clear of the closing doors!
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