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Sin of Kain - Cold Inside dalszöveg

Just drown in the fathomless night
When thou wake up smell the buried dead
And feel that pain inside thy mind
What I felt when I burnt in our filthy bed
That should be our graven bliss
When death stares upon the crucifix
Drink the wine and suck my blood
Cut my veins and pour thy heart

There Would be only the end
For thee and thy thought
An empty grave, a distorted wedding
Wouldn't have to laugh
When a dark hatred soul
Rises from the sulphyd hell to indulge
My wishes to thy death and now more
To the setting in of redding

"Cold inside
Whispering Bride
Daughter of Night
Should give me the light"

Enticier velvet dreaming cunt
Spellboud me into misery
On the violent night
Of a trailor nun
Who can't believe
In eternity who saw the light
In devouring, bleeding evil see

She knows all process of humiliate
Esteems the hate from all vagabond human beings

A dreaming sense devoid of her hate
Pledges herself to the naked bleeding
What utters trusty the heroic, offensive words
Dissolves all connections with her intellect
Postponement characterizes her declined soul
And creeping in her eyes
A falling human size

"Cold inside
Whispering Bride
Daughter of Night
Should give me the light"
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