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Sirenia - The Lucid Door dalszöveg

In my dreams
A lucid door is fading as the walls close in
on all my dreams
I walk with you through fire

through endless nights and everlasting desire

Wane...all the lights they seem to fade
All so dim and all so frail
They all seem to pass away
I can see them getting weaker every day

Silent screams
and stalking strangers
haunt me in my darkest sleep
I feel them stare at me
A thousand eyes on fire
penetrate my mind when I''m all wired
All so high and wired

Enigmatic is the wheel of time
Loosing grip as the years pass me by
Drifting further away from the light
into the arms of an endless night

I still cling on to the will to be
though overthrown by life’s insanity
Collapsing in anxiety
Will the demons ever set me free?
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