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Skepticism - The Arrival dalszöveg

Arrived autumn 
With a visit uninvited 
And by chill slowly growing 
With a lesson fully dreadful 
And by message all displeasing 

Then arrived autumn 
With a growing understanding 
And by vision slowly clearing 
With belief calmly growing 
And by readiness to embrace 

Then arrived autumn 
With unpleasant companion 
And with frost overwhelming 
With a lack of will to stand still 
And with a movement backwards drawing 

Then arrived Autumn 
Not the light of spring to follow 
Nor a summer nor a winter 
With autumn tints the forest glowing 
And with leaves newly falling 

Then arrived 
I to visit uninvited 
With a message to me ageless 
Carrying the understanding 
Year of autumns one to embrace
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