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Stoneblade - Inner Path dalszöveg

Inner path

Look and see what is out there,

Is the same world what you have

Try to compare!

There is no other truth,

Just what we are carrying trough


Our lives and Most of the people

has undifined way, they are captured eagles

because the outside pictures are their firm belief

They don't even try to leave behind what they have incide

Refr.:  They might be blessed in that way

	But once you wake up then you don't want to stay

	From then on there is no other chance to choose,

	You can't walk on the beaten track what the blind machines use.



Ours is hard, harrowing and tricky.

Because we want to go!(3x)


The mayority's path is light and easy,

Ours is fucking hard, harrowing and tricky.

Because we want to go!(4x)
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