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Stoneblade - Let Me Be dalszöveg

Let Me Be

I never had a mother

My father left me alone

In my early years

the street was my home

I fought, I drank, I took drugs

I saw this everywhere

My eyes were always glowing

My blood boiled constantly

Refr.: 	This leeds nowhere

       	I realized, that I won't be a man

	if I walk this way it won't happen

	Not this way

        NOT THIS WAY

I learnt it in the hard way

That I was born alone

and I will die alone too

I can't trust noone

And After all I feel calm

Don't hate the world no more

But it still hurts so much

I Can't have a normal life

I used to be strong to protect myself

But the agression made no solution

I front of the bloody laws everyone is equal

Just let me be...LET ME BE

Let me be...Let me be...LET ME BE...LET ME BEEE!!!

The World can fuck off

I won't be it's victim

The World can fuck off

I need only one thing

The World can fuck off

Just let me be

The World Can Fuck OOOOOOOOFF
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