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Stoneblade - Stone Skin dalszöveg

Stone skin

We have climbed the mountains together
Behind the beautiful sight there was another
Rich world without you little star
Now, I have realized what you are

First you had me burned and then you left me broken
After the "coma" now I am awaken
I am taken by your blazing fire 
Into an unbreakable two-faced statue

Illusions gone - gone forever
Love is just a thing - that ain't no bother
I‘ve frozen myself - and now I’m waiting 
For the day – and see the soul behind the face

Oh girl you have damaged, a piece of me
Every fuckin’ love-song screams your name
There’s no reason to cry, I rather dance alone
And I say good-bye to fairy tales of yours

Things have changed, turned rather sour
I can't get on well I'm all alone
I am a bouncing ball, crushin' between walls
Waiting for the moment till I finally fall

I used to be a wild child
With love in my heart and with widely opened eyes
I used to fly like Paul and James Wright
Never confused to go left or right

When you came into my life
It was like stepping on a lethal landmine
While at the same time
I have lost everything what was mine
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