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Stoneblade - The Fight dalszöveg

The fight

Painful scream sets the sun
Bidding farewell, the day is done
While twilight ushers in the dew
I take my dinner, something brew

Refr.: Over the Valley and the Dell
       The Being of darkness still comes
       To make his vengeance (VENGEANCE!!)

       I know I will penance
       I want to get riddance
       of my remorse
       There's no recourse

Vatness of dark and night soon come
Through wind and thunder the yell still sounds
The stricken beast must be so close
Can't get my eyes be closed


Now here we are
Standing Face to face
You've come so far


I am the stronger
You can't defeat me
This must be over
Before the dawning

Endgame should soon come
I'm exhausted
You would rather go pop
Sunrise is coming

Clashing, Bleeding,
Bones are breaking
Almost crying
Keep on fighting   

Here's my chance
The beast is jaded
My last punch is

DIIEEE!!! (3x)

Refr.:Over the valley and the Dell

       The Being of darkness is gone

       won't make his vengeance (VENGEANCE!!)

       I know I wont penance

       I want to get riddance

       of his big corpse

       There was recourse
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