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Stormwitch - The Altar of Love dalszöveg

You're the hero of heroes
But why are you looking so tired and sad
You're the dream of all virgins
So why you're alone
You're a king among others
But why are you begging now
Everyone knows your legend
Have you forgotten it now

Don't forget the present
Don't forget your place

Far too long you have stayed now
In the halls of the death my friend
Don't you know that they told me
Your friend's really mad
I have heard you've protected her
Against all rituals and practices
You sat by her and watched her
Until the worms ate her face


The woman that I loved so long
Now is dead and gone
Day and night I cried for her
Through space and time I'll follow her
I will sacrifice myself on the altar of love

Your state of mind is unhealthy
You damage our mission you can't do that
Don't forget you are high born
A shining example for all
Now you have to learn your last lesson
There are gods that created us
They love to torture and kill us
Don't let them win


The woman...
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