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Stormwitch - The Way to Go dalszöveg

With the wise men in a secret round sits our hero, too
No matter how they tried to pass some advice
Not one dared to say: You!
You're the one, you must do it hold on to you liked and did
All the pharocees were suddenly still
Stared helpless in their eyes
Though they knew this was the only path
That the ring would go by
The path into the fire, to the mountain
That's what you think, then I'll just leave
But I don't know here to go
That's what you think, then I'll just leave
But I'm scared and I don't know here to go
The prudents took deep breath of relief
The Ringkeeper was found
Hear! Hear! Let us look for some friends
Who'll come and stand this ground
No ties at all that could hold you
Here we also must be true
In the end they were nine men
There shouldn't be many then
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