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Suffocation - Liege Of Inveracity dalszöveg

Liege of Inveracity

Forced into your mind, passed down through the centuries, 
Cultures will collide, holy wars for what? 
Holy book of God, holy book of lies. 
Chanting scriptures in vain, 
Hoping to allow to rest, 
Hopeful, peaceful life, 
Compassion all but gone. 
Effigy of what=B9s to come, 
Hopeless, worthless dreams. 
Sorrow scars your brain, 
End the weak, all is dead. 
Come see, my light. 
Misguided fools, I shall guide. 
Grant thyself, all your minds. 
Liege Of Inveracity. 
Follow still you will, 
Puppets to take your lord. 
Only gaining faith for, 
An imminent demise. 
Reduce your wretched mind, 
With these false prophecies. 
Now I will prevail, 
All servants left to rot. 
A new race I will now create, 
As I end their pitiful lives. 
My destiny has only begun, 
To torture future minds.
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