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The Agonist - Forget Tomorrow dalszöveg

Forget Tomorrow
Fall into flames

Well all that remains of me
Is a stepped-on, thrown-out piece of your enemy
All that remains of me is about to hit the ground

When you begin to deny all of your past lives
When you begin to deny that you can't defend your lies

In total
In control
Get thrown overboard
Get pulled below

Wait patiently as it surrounds me
In vitro
Go home, go
Set me free
The end is only a bloodloss, coin-toss tragedy
Blind-eyed guilty plea

So caught up in here and now
Walk on, walk on
Life expectancy goes down
The weakest mind will wear the crown
Because we all need protection
Escapism is a dangerous art
Addiction is the easy part
Please don't let me fall into flames

Night falls and darkness rises deep inside his skin
Blood, sweat and tears will soon pay for this sin

Wait patiently as it surrounds me
Walks towards home, thinks he's alone
Wait and you'll see
The frost glows in his eyes
Exhalation is only a disguise for Death's new enterprise
Left so lonely
What a tragedy
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