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The Berzerker - Betrayal dalszöveg

No one survives
Against hateful minds
I can feel the pressure growing
Last time you walked away
This time there will be no one there waiting to take your place
Think not that the world now ones you
Think not of your despair
Rise up and take their power do not hesitate or fear
For them a distant memory
Waiting with baited breath
I see through parts of your life
Why do you lie to me?
One of the reasons why, the movement,
began to move executions behind prison's,
is the effect that it would have on young people,
their parents would take them to witness an execution,
thinking that perhaps it would have some salutary effect,
they would hold em up so that they could get a good glimpse and all of that,
but I found I guess 30 or 40 cases, where after witnessing an execution
a child of tender years, would hang a playmate or hang themselves.
We must distrust each, other it is our best defense
From those who seek to specialize in betrayal
There's no comfort in freedom
For what we seek is pain
You're life has now come undone
I'll watch you beg for:
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