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The Berzerker - World Of Tomorrow dalszöveg

We are not dead

My life is much different to yours, I can assure you
You know no one like me

On the outside we all look the same
But behind closed doors is where we all really live

Disadvantaged by your thoughts and never wonder why
You can make the difference is it that you wish to die
Look into yourself and you will always find the light
Thoughts of your insanity are ruining my mind

Evolving minds so dangerous to all that is and ever will be
It is only when the quiet times fall upon me
There is too much power in my single thoughts alone
Looking for someone something to share my inner thoughts with

My thoughts serve me well
Relief from Suffering
The taste of hatred on my tongue

As I walk through this world
I make better choices and think things through
Never to walk away from problems of old

Look in yourself you'll never find
Why or what controls your life
Your inner child your inner mind
Taken from you now's the time
Thoughts can not lie only decieve
Those of us that who have never grieve
There's no more time there's nothing
Could you wait until tomorrow?
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