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Trivium - Declaration dalszöveg

Freedom is all I have to say in defense
Of what the world's becoming
A nation hell bent on choosing what's right
And how we all should live our lives
Fuck their ways it is time to break free
Fuck their hate acceptance is what we need
Equality for every race, sex, sexuality
And every choice to live our lives
And to you bigot cretin ignoramus
Mind your own goddamn fucking business
Holding onto what makes us whole
Never letting their poison take control
Freezing the air (that stands between all of us)
Closing the eyes (bear witness to me)
Feeling the Fear (that stands between all of us)
Closing the eyes (bear witness to me)
I'll be right here
Falling away
Fighting on principle
I'll die 1000 times
Before I'll ever be them
Burn the scriptures
bury the governing
Free yourself
Break the structures
Declare Freedom
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