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Unearth - Monition dalszöveg

As our standards fall. Belief and faith dies. It's made it's mark. Now
we wander into our final our. Wars. Faith. Failing methods fill the
days. Undermine life. Baneful steps that conjure hate. Claiming our
lives. Balance fades with every day. A growing cloud. Simple lessons
show the way. Fall into void. We stopped listening. Followed our nature
. Bound by hatred our lives grow torn. Finding new ways to betray.
Claiming the weak. Boundaries crossed with no remorse. Killing
ourselves. Forcing dogma overthrown. A new standard waits. Credence in
all but one. Our own kind. Are you listening? Now can you feel me? Now
are you listening? Now can you feel me? Take one look at our battered
existence. This persists in unity as every culture burns and segregates
. Wars! Shattered our lives grow torn. Who will save you? Our demise.
Stand up it's time to face your day. Regret is such a bitter taste.
Such a bitter taste. Regret. Such a bitter taste
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